Cooperative Journal Media

Cooperative Journal Media is a source for remembering through storytelling, visualizing, and practicing a collectivized economy. We are gathering the stories that expand the edges of our imagination of what is possible - where money is just one form of capital, workers are the owners, neighbors are meeting each other’s needs, and local communities are reclaiming their power to cultivate regenerative systems.

Our solidarity economy storytelling comes in many shapes:

  • Multi-media Case Stories

  • Illustrations & Animations

  • Curriculum Design & Workshops

  • Gallery of Solidarity Economy Art

  • Cooperative Journal Podcast




Ebony Gustave

Ebony (she/her) creates and illuminates the solidarity economy through storytelling, interactive workshops, community asset based mapping, and placemaking projects. The common thread between all of her work is bringing awareness of alternatives to capitalism that center care, interpersonal relationships, and empowers us to access our own agency. She is the founder of Cooperative Journal, creator of free community herbal medicine cabinets, curator of events centered around holistic healing, and a solidarity economy mapper/workshop facilitator. They are currently based in Lenape Land - Brooklyn, NY.

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Robin Crane

Robin (they/them) is a multimedia storyteller, solidarity economy nerd, and tender plant tender. With a focus on film, animation and participatory media they spotlight community-driven solutions, working with organizations to shift narratives in support of a more regenerative economy where all can thrive. Outside of CJM they co-coordinate the Redistribution Story Bank with Resource Generation, divestment/reinvestment narratives with The Next Egg, and steward at Canticle Farm. They are queer and have ancestors from north and west Europe, now home-making on Ohlone Land, Oakland, CA.